until May 25, 2014



The Slovak National Gallery regularly surprises its audience with interesting exhibitions mapping unknown chapters of the art history in Slovakia. The current special exhibition covers the period of the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. This period is generally connected with the impressionism in the European art. The exhibition title, ImpresionizmusSK, suggests that the project focuses on presentation of our art works in the context of contemporary developments on the broader European art scene. A leading expert on the 19th century Slovak art curates this exhibition, which presents over 120 works of iconic as well as lesser known artists of this period. Many artworks will be exhibited for the first time.


Exhibition Curator: Julius Barczi


Dominik Skutecky: Shipyard in Capo d'Istria , 1903



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Slovak National Gallery, Namestie Ludovita Stura 4, Bratislava

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