One of the top sites to observe the cityscape of Bratislava is the U.F.O. observation deck. Located on the pylon of the New Bridge at Petrzalka side of the Danube River, the deck provides excellent views of the Old Town of Bratislava with the Small Carpathians in the background.  The Castle hill is at the opposite side of the Danube; you may also see the entire river area, newly built neighborhoods and industrial areas of Bratislava. Austrian and Hungarian landscapes are visible too and on a good visibility day you may see as far as the first Alpine mountains.     


The New Bridge, constructed between 1967 and 1972 as the Slovak National Uprising Bridge, is a single-pylon cable-stayed steel bridge designed by the architects Lacko and Tesar. It has one pylon with a restaurant located 85 meters above the ground level. The restaurant has a characteristic shape of a flying saucer, which gave the idea to the new concept redeveloped after 2003, when the venue underwent full refurbishment under the current restaurant management.


The restaurant is a fashionable site for romantic dinners as well as for group events. An observation deck is located on the top. You can easily access the site by an elevator that operates in one of the pylon beams.   


There is a popular Bratislava beach under the tower, where you can enjoy outdoor parties during the summer. Every Thursday and Friday night at 20:00.


Location: New Bridge / Danube Embankment, Bratislava

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